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Why Us

We take time to get to know you and learn about what you want to achieve. This may be a once off transaction or part of a long term financial plan incorporating all aspects of your financial goals.

Independent means that we are not tied to any financial institution nor bound to sell any one institution’s financial products or services. Stand-alone means that we are not a franchise or owned by any bank.
We don’t insist on meeting you during office hours. You’re busy and so are we. We’re happy to meet you when and where it suits, be that before your working day begins or after dinner when the kids are in bed.

Because we are a fee-based service, we don’t need to sell products and services to earn revenue. That means that we can give honest advice with your long-term financial health as the goal.

We only use qualified financial advisers (QFAs) and certified financial planners (CFPs) to advise our clients. We’ve made that investment in our skills and knowledge so that you can benefit from credible and certified expertise.

You may find this hard to believe but we love what we do. Because we love it, we’re always reading up on product performance and insights into consumer behaviour.

Adviser Life t/a Donnellan & Co adheres to the Consumer Protection Code, a statutory code of practice for organisations which are authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland. A revised and strengthened code was published in January 2012 to further protect consumers in their dealings with financial institutions. We are committed to acting ethically in everything we do, especially in our dealings with clients.

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